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Custom Tone Charts | A4 Size

Printable Custom JMP-1 Tone Chart (Landscape)
...because every tiny adjustment makes a huge difference to the overall tone, it's important to save and recall your favourite tones. Here you can print out this custom made chart, and write down your preset settings. Click on the pic to download an A4 printable full resolution copy.

Custom JMP-1 Fan Art | A4 Size

OD-1 Kenobi| JMP-1 Fan Art
As a lover of the JMP-1's OD-1 Overdrive Channel (I also love the OD-2's channel too!) I've been dubbed OD-1 Kenobi over the years..

JMP-1 Fan Art | Helping People Sound Great Since 1992
Custom JMP-1 Fan Art.

Tone Jedi | JMP-1 Fan Art
Something a bit more humorous!

JMP-1 Front Panel (Custom Large)
Painstakingly re-worked from Marshall source images. This high quality large image of the front panel of a JMP-1 is a must have for JMP-1 fans! Click image to download full size!