About This Website...

○ I've debated for a long time wether to make something on the JMP-1 preamp. There simply isn't enough information out there save for a few Facebook groups/pages, and the odd page on the internet.

○ I decided if I was going to make a JMP-1 fan website, It should be done with the least amount of fuss, and told from my own perspective. As a long time user of the JMP-1 preamp, since 1997 in fact, I can categorically state that in each and every gig I've played, or session, this preamp has delivered more than any other amp.

○ Marshall discontinued this product not long after they brought it out frankly, due to changes in EU solder laws requiring water based solder, rather than lead. A good move (not discontinuing it!), but it meant that Marshall could no longer manufacture the unit, and make it viable profit wise.

○ IK Multimedia's Amplitube 4 was the first amp sim plugin to offer this as a software plugin emulation, and Kempers, and Axe Fx units all offer emulations of the JMP-1. So it must have something going for it!

○ I Personally use Amplitube for all my studio work, but live, and for online show recordings, I use the JMP-1 direct to desk. When I tour, or play live, I also bring two JMP-1 preamps with me, and run one direct out to the FOH desk. Nobody complains, and I always get compliments on my tone.

○ Throughout the early 00's, these preamps were largely seen as 90's throwbacks, but since then, interest has started to grow again, and almost everyone I've spoken to online, has said nothing but good things about them.

○ So this website, will feature my own JMP-1 fan art, downloads, and useful tone tips that I've garnered over my 20+ years playing this unit. Stick around, and whilst you're reading this, maybe crank on some rock and crack open a cold one?!

Stay safe x